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                               PVF ferrets = HealthyFerrets! 
    Our ferrets leave PathValley healthy and have strong immune systems.  
                      Buy Path Valley....Just forthe Health of It!™

Path Valley Farm Inc.™ breeds the highest quality Pet ferrets. We focus on the things that are important to pet owners - health and temperament.   

All Path Valley Farm, Inc.™ ferrets are spayed/neutered and descented to help prevent health problems associated with unchecked reproduction and aplastic anemia deaths in unspayed females.  All Path Valley ferrets come with the Path Valley Guarantee that the ferret you are bringing home is a healthy animal.

     Why are Path Valley Farm ferrets Neutered and Descented?

Ferrets are neutered and descented for the benefit of the ferret and the owner. Ferrets not neutered and descented smell awful and routine bathing will not solve this problem. Female ferrets come into heat and stay in heat for months. If you leave them in heat, scientific research indicates that most of them will die due to prolonged exposure to hormones. They must be spayed. Neutering and descenting ends these dangers once and for all.

Important Tip:  Ferrets under one year & seniors often need a water bowl instead of a water bottle.  Use a heavy bowl to avoid tipping.

PVF kits are completely weaned onto PVF Premium Diet ...fed dry.  PVF Premium Diet fed dry plus a WATER BOWL should be continued until at least one year of age.  No changes please!

Ask the quality pet stores in your area to call PVF™ at (717)-349-7610, fax (717)-349-2101, or E-mail at pathvalleyfarm@gmail.com  for the best in ferrets and ferret food.

International Customers: Contact us to discuss how PVF can help you ship 20 foot or larger ocean containers of PVF ferret food and other products (No ferrets shipped this way of course) from the U. S. A. to your country for a reasonable rate. All International orders, including Canada, MUST be pre-paid and the customer is responsible for any duties and taxes charged by their Government upon delivery. We will NOT be responsible for customs charges