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PVF PREMIUM FERRET FOODThe right balanced diets for all stages in the life of the NEUTERED ferret. PVF has been raising ferrets since the 1970's.  They know what it takes to feed your ferret correctly.  PVF Premium & PVF Crunchy diets were developed by nutritionists and veterinarians specifically for the NEUTERED ferret.  The next step included feeding this diet to many thousands of ferrets at Path Valley Farm before the first bag of food was available to your ferret.

PVF CRUNCHY FERRET FOODFood stays in an adult ferret’s system approximately three hours. Because food travels quickly through their system, ferrets require a super digestible protein source and high levels of fat to meet their nutritional needs. In fact, a ferret can gradually starve on a low protein, low fat diet resulting in a irritable and unhealthy pet – and a ferret cannot eat more to make up for the loss of protein and fat in a diet.

Path Valley ferret diets are super digestible.  This means your ferret can actually eat less & produce less in the litter box.  Less in the litter box = more play time with your ferret

NOTE: We do not offer any diets for breeding, pregnant or lactating ferrets.

PVF Premium Ferret Diet = A MUST for First Year & Senior Ferrets but can be fed at all life stages.

Our PVF ferrets are already weaned onto this diet-- fed dry-- (plus a water BOWL) before they ever leave us. Do NOT change our youngsters to other diets once they go to their new homes!

  • Great taste your ferrets will love.
  • Complete & Balanced

Quality super digestible ingredients.  Great Taste.  Perfect for the Neutered ferret.

  • Naturally Preserved
  • Complete & Balanced


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$16.95 for (1) 3lb bag

$44.95 for (3) 3lb bags 

$55.95 for (4) 3lb bags

$69.95 for (6) 3LB Bags 

$125.95 for 50lb bulk bag

Note: 3 Lb bags of PVF Premium & 3 lb. bags of PVF Crunchy can be combined in your order to get the best prices!

Prices are for orders within the 48 contiguous states only.  For all other orders including international and wholesale EMAIL US for more information.

For your convenience we offer online ordering and two other ways to order: mail and fax. We accept credit cards, checks and money orders.

Go to the ORDER FORM webage.  Fill in order form. (If you do not want to order online). Then print and mail or fax order form to Path Valley Farm. Allow 5 to 10 business days for delivery. Path Valley currently ships within the continental United States using UPS Standard Ground Shipping.